Aquastations Water Coolers

The Environment & Plumbed In Water Coolers

Many of our customers have chosen Aquastations as their water cooler supplier because of our commitment to the environment.

Wherever possible, we recommend the use of plumbed in water coolers as opposed to a mains fed water cooler. As water comes through the existing mains water supply before being filtered and chilled, these coolers remove the need for bottles of water and also for deliveries.

As a company we are committed to good environmental management including the following:

  1. Recycling water coolers - offering them to customers who would like to buy second hand.
  2. Recycling all waste that is produced in our Head Office.
  3. Ensuring our delivery routes are as efficient as possible to cut down on our carbon emissions.
  4. Recommending plumbed in water coolers if a mains water supply is available.


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