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Aquastations filtered water coolers use mains supply water and filter it through a carbon filter in order to purify it and ensure it's great tasting. The water is then chilled or heated before being dispensed to your thirsty staff at any time of the day. Your workplace will never run out of water again!

A filtered water cooler can be installed up to 30 metres from your mains water supply which means it can be situated in a location that is convenient for you and your staff.water cooler

As well as saving you money and helping the environment, these are the most convenient coolers to have in any workplace. Call us now to arrange a free no obligation site survey.




  • POU-B-O-Classic-Silver-Black-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-B-O-Classic-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Floorstanding water cooler

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Aquastations' mains connected coolers will save your office money and time compared to a water cooler as well as being kinder to the environment.
We can provide hot water boilers, cold water fountains and coffee machines.