London suppliers of rented office water coolers for plumbed-in, pou and bottled water coolers.

Plumbed in office water coolers

Office water coolersPlumbed in water coolers from only £1.09 per day all inclusive

Show your staff that you care about their needs by installingoffice water coolers in your workplace. At Aquastations we can offer you the choice of plumbed in water coolers or bottled water coolersdepending on your requirements. Our friendly customer service team can assist you in making the right choice and answer any questions you may have.

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Plumbed in Water Coolers

Aquastations would advise, where possible, to opt for a plumbed in water cooler in an office environment. It will save you money, staff time and administration headaches. Choose a top of the range Bottled water coolersoffice water cooler from borg and overstrom that will impress your clients and colleagues, or go for the newest technology direct chillplumbed in water coolers, these machines will instantly chill purified mains water.

Bottled Water Coolers

If a plumbed in water cooler isn’t a practical option then Aquastations can supply you with a competitively priced bottled water cooler. We can provide a stylish machine that will look great in your office and supply the finest Spring water, delivery guaranteed, to your door.





  • POU-B-O-Classic-Silver-Black-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-B-O-Classic-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • Bottled-BO-Silver-Classic-Floorstanding water cooler
  • B&O Classic table top & floor standing bottled water cooler
  • Bottled-3300-Black-Floorstanding water cooler
  • Bottled-3300-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Acis-720-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • Bottled-Acis-720-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Evo-Silver-Floorstanding-and-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Jazz-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • Bottled-Jazz-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Hydropoint-White-Floorstanding-and-Tabletop water cooler

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Aquastations' mains connected coolers will save your office money and time compared to a bottled water cooler as well as being kinder to the environment.
Attractive slim-line bottled coolers to fit the smallest space, with no plumbing or installation required; just plug in our coolers for pure fresh water.