Aquastations Water Coolers

Hydropoint POU Water Cooler

Plumbed In Hydropoint Floor Standing and Table Top Water Cooler

Drinking water cooler that will look good in any office or customer facing environment. It is one of the best point of use water coolers on the market

Product description

  • Available as Floor Standing or Tabletop Water CoolerPOU Hydropoint White floorstanding and tabletop plumbed in water cooler.
  • Removable drip tray and anti splash grid
  • Quiet, air cooled refrigeration.
  • Available as Chilled/Ambient or Hot/Cold
  • Thermostatically controlled to
    Cold: 4-12C / Hot: 87 – 90C


Floor Standing: 310 (w) x 980 (h) x 310 (d) mm
Table Top: 310 (w) x 520 (h) x 310 (d) mm

Price - Aquastations has the cheapest coolers in the UK with a typical rental price from only £15.00 per month + VAT. Please call now for the BEST PRICE based on your specific requirements and contract length.

(Our monthly rental is an all-inclusive package, which covers installation, all maintenance, free replacement in case of breakdown, with cleaning, sanitisation & filter change twice per year)

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  • POU-B-O-Classic-Silver-Black-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-B-O-Classic-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Tabletop water cooler


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