Bottled water coolers Evo Silver classic floorstanding & tabletop.

Bottled Evo Classic Floor Standing and Table Top Water Cooler

A silver water cooler, with exceptional styling, taller than most with a higher dispensing point.

Product description Floor standing & desktop Evo Silver classic water cooler.

  • Available as Floor Standing or Table Top Model
  • Removable drip tray with optional drain facility
  • Integrated dual cup dispenser
  • Available as Chilled/Ambient and Chilled/Hot
  • Thermostatically controlled to Cold:
    Cold: 4-12C / Hot: 87 – 92C


Floor Standing: 299 (w) x 1152 (h) x 381 (d) mm
Table Top: 299 (w) x 475 (h) x 411 (d) mm


Typical Rental Price only £1.99 per week + vat, but please call for SPECIAL PRICES based on your specific requirements and contract length.

(Our monthly rental is an all-inclusive package, which covers installation, all maintenance, free replacement in case of breakdown, with cleaning and sanitisation four times per year)

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