Bottled water coolers Borg & Overstrom floorstanding and tabletop.

Bottled Borg and overstrom Floor Standing and Table Top Water Cooler

An extremely stylish cooler, looks great and will impress your customers and staff!

Product description Borg & overstrom floorstanding and tabletop bottled water cooler.

  • The best in bottled water coolers
  • Contemporary Design with choice of Graphite or Silver colours
  • Removable drip tray with optional mains or local drainage
  • Available as Chilled/Ambient or Hot/Cold
  • Thermostatically controlled to Cold:
    4 – 10c / Hot: 85 – 92 c
  • Also available as a Direct Chill model for high capacity


Floor Standing: 330 (w) x 1080 (h) x 360 (d) mm
Table Top: 330 (w) x 500 (h) x 360 (d) mm


Typical Rental Price only £2.50 per week + vat available, but please call for SPECIAL PRICES based on your specific requirements and contract length.

(Our monthly rental is an all-inclusive package, which covers installation, all maintenance, free replacement in case of breakdown, with cleaning and sanitisation four times per year)

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  • POU-B-O-Classic-Silver-Black-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU B&O Classic-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU 3300 Black Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-520-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-Jazz-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • POU-Hydropoint-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-BO-Silver-Classic-Floorstanding water cooler
  • B&O Classic table top & floor standing bottled water cooler
  • Bottled-3300-Black-Floorstanding water cooler
  • Bottled-3300-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Acis-720-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • Bottled-Acis-720-Black-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Evo-Silver-Floorstanding-and-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Jazz-White-Floorstanding water cooler
  • Bottled-Jazz-White-Tabletop water cooler
  • Bottled-Hydropoint-White-Floorstanding-and-Tabletop water cooler


Aquastations' mains connected coolers will save your office money and time compared to a bottled water cooler as well as being kinder to the environment.
Attractive slim-line bottled coolers to fit the smallest space, with no plumbing or installation required; just plug in our coolers for pure fresh water.