Benefits of a Plumbed In Cooler

If, like me, you are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment: you are recycling more, walking instead of taking the car and remembering to turn off the taps when brushing your teeth, then you’ll understand why businesses are also looking at the impact they have on our world.

Environmentally savvy customers are demanding that the businesses they buy from, and indeed the ones they work for, reduce the amount of waste they produce and lower their carbon footprint.

It may be as simple as promoting a paper free or at least a paper ‘less’ workspace and monitoring the number of car/van journeys that are made on a company’s behalf. If you work for a business that wants to reduce the impact it has on the environment then one way to do this is a simple switch to a plumbed-in water cooler. Unlike bottled water dispensers which require regular van deliveries to ensure the office has a constant supply of water, Aquastations simply connect your stylish new cooler to your plumbing for an environmentally friendly and constant freshly filtered water supply.

A plumbed in cooler is kinder to your bills too as it is more cost effective than using a bottled cooler and a twice annual sanitisation and a regular filter change is included in the price.

The filtered, chilled water produced by a plumbed in cooler tastes great, regardless of the taste of your tap water. But don’t take our word for it, contact Aquastations for a free trial and see how you can save time, money and do your bit to help save the environment by choosing a plumbed in cooler.

Get plumbed in. Help the environment.

Autumn Days and the Grass is Jewelled

Back to school; new closed-toe shoes after three months of sandals; harvest festival low-level-religious hymn-singing practice; covering your school books with Smash Hits posters; crunchy leaves that might conceal a hedgehog (but more probably a dog poo); bright cold mornings; putting on an ‘extra layer'; soup not salad; only three months until Christmas; yes, it is officially Autumn.

As the central heating gets switched back on, for an hour in the morning for the next few weeks before being set to permanently ON, and the weather turns colder, a glass of the chilled stuff (water, not lager) might be at the bottom of your dietary wish list.

But it is more important than ever to remember to stay hydrated at this time of year. You will be in an artificially warm environment (even if that means your own coat and gloves in the office as your boss refuses to turn up the heating) and if you become dehydrated you will be left feeling tired and headachy.

So, drink up, 8 glasses a day is best, and encourage your boss to save time and money by getting a plumbed in cooler so you never run out. It isn’t time to hibernate yet and getting the correct daily intake of water will ensure you’re not tempted to!

Get plumbed in. Stay hydrated.

Why water?

To quote a slightly wrinkly but a glorious shade of walnut celebrity favourite of mine (not David Dickinson, who I would happily take a cash offer of 50p for, so I wouldn’t have to be in his company for one minute longer while I waited around for the auction) but none other than that voice from the valleys, Mr TJ Tom Jones, ‘why why why?’ (I’ll leave out the Deliliah part, and won’t denigrate the song by adding water at the end, it’s too precious a national anthem)…

Well the answer is simple. Sorry if you are confused as to the question due to my ramblings. Question: Why water? Answer: Simple.

Simple as in water keeps you functioning at the top of your game, even if your game is tiddlywinks (my personal favourite). If you give your staff easy access to a glass or eight a day then it makes them work harder, and possibly love you. If you share the management style of the CEO of Yahoo, name escapes me, and you believe that being in the office and hanging out together generates more ideas, gets the team working as one and leads to a more productive workforce, then encourage them to be in the office and hang out by giving them a water cooler to hang out around. See? Simple.

Alternatively if you think, as I believe, that aforementioned CEO is a bit upset that most people with small children don’t prioritise their work above their kids like she does and choose to work from home so they don’t waste 2 hours + a day commuting when they could be shouting at their lovely children, or they even find that they work harder when they’re not having to ‘hang out’, then you can still have a cooler for yourself, you’re worth it. Or better still, get your hard working, loyal, affectionate staff a cooler for their home… Oooo, generous boss, I must work extra hard for you! Again, simple!

Whatever your point of view about where the ‘best place’ to work is, make sure you and your staff drink enough water while you are ‘at work’. That will make more of a difference to your productivity than where your desk is situated.

Get a plumbed in. Stay hydrated.

Tales from the Water Cooler

So, a lot has happened since the last Aquastations Blog Update – we’ve been streamlining, rationalising and specialising. Or to put it another way, which I admit probably sounds less ‘business speak’, we’ve sold the bottled water cooler side of the business and now Aquastations is all about the plumbed in.

It was a tough decision but we sincerely believe that the cost-effective; environmentally-friendly; sleek-looking and general all round ‘good guys’ of the water cooler world, our friends the mains-fed coolers, are the way forward when it comes to drinking water.

A couple of reasons why:

Limited carbon footprint – no vans pounding up and down the A1 with tens of bottles crammed on board. We deliver your machine and plumb it in and then only have to see you twice a year for a machine-clean. We can come more often if you miss us, but we’re only at the end of the phone so save the environment and just call for a chat.

Less environmental impact – yes, the bottles can be re-used, but the environment still takes a beating to produce the bottles in the first place. Even if you do re-cycle the bottle into an attractive fish tank then it will eventually have to go to landfill when your beloved fish, to whom you have become quite attached, goes belly up… R.I.P. Minnow.

Less cost – of course we understand that you care about the environment, and your carbon footprint, but all this comes at a price. The great news is that it comes at a reduced price to what you would normally pay for your bottled water. In fact if you use two bottles of water a week and switch to a plumbed in cooler then you can half your cost. Yes, half the cost. Sounds good doesn’t it? A warm glow from saving the world from environmental disaster, a warm glow in your finance director’s heart and a cool glass of perfectly filtered, chilled, refreshing water. Mmmm.

Plumbed in water coolers. They’re the future.


2012 – A Sporting Year

We’re a sport loving bunch at Aquastations HQ. For a relatively small amount of people there are quite a diverse range of sports that we’re passionate about. In fact it almost reads like a mini Olympics!

From horse riding to boxing, running to swimming, friendly (ish) tennis games for the Sales Team in the Summer and even a fully kitted out gym in a spare bedroom, sport plays a big role in most of our lives. So does television of course.

In fact 2012 is going to be a great year to combine our two loves, with the Olympics and Euro 2012, sport on the tele! Bring it on.

Aquastations Newsletter

Aquastations Newsletter 1 – Autumn 2011

The first newsletter from Aquastations is now available at the above link.

Learn about Direct Debits, coffee machines and boxing (we are still a water cooler company!)

Pour yourself a glass of chilled water and have a 5 minute read. Enjoy!

Direct Debit… simple, safe, secure!

Here at Aquastations we’re always trying to save our customers time and money. We already offer you the best deals on drinking water and water coolers but now we can save you administration time and expense as all accounts can be paid by Direct Debit.

After completing a simple form customers can email, fax or post it back to us and we’ll take care of everything else.

Whether you are paying annual rental on your water cooler, or paying for your monthly bottled water bill, Aquastations will automatically collect the due payment without you having to contact us.

All customers receive an invoice with the amount to be taken from their nominated bank account at least 10 days before the Direct Debit is collected.

It really is the smart way to pay and as you are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee it’s truly safe, simple and secure! Email Charlotte at now for a Direct Debit form and let us tick one more admin task off your list!

Aquastations Acquire Water Cooler Business

As part of their continued expansion strategy Aquastations Water Coolers Ltd has acquired local Hertfordshire water business, Garden City H2O.

Aquastations is already a dominant supplier in the local area and this acquisition will increase it’s customer base in Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties.

Aquastations has seen phenomenal year on year growth since it was formed in 2000 and offers customers the best water solution to meet their needs – whether it is with a plumbed in or bottled water cooler.

‘We look forward to supplying water to our new customers. As a company we  pride our self on offering the best price without compromising customer service.’ said Managing Director, David Cavanagh. ‘Aquastations’ continued growth in the current recession is testimony to the number of extremely happy customers that we supply.’

Summer Holiday?

So, it’s the time of year again when it seems that summer has already been and gone (do you remember those relentlessly hot days in May or are your memories as cloudy as a July sky?), and yet the official (school) ‘Summer Holidays’ haven’t even started! That doesn’t matter to me though, as I follow my lifelong tradition of dressing for the season and not for the weather.

Even though it’s less than warm outside, there is a constant threat of rain and the sky looks as bright as my dalmatian puppy (not very bright, if you were in any doubt) – I am determined to honour the official Summer Holiday by keeping my appropriate, that is rainproof, clothing in the cupboard. I will wear flip flops, summer dresses and leave the house without anything but some factor 30+ (eternal optimist) and change for an ice cream.

One thing I will be doing whether it rains, sleets or snows (please no!!) is continue with my quest to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. So I’ll be popping a bottle of water in my bag next to the suncream – topped up by my trusty home water cooler, of course. If I get rained on, then at least I’ll be hydrated inside and out!

Fingers crossed for a fantastic summer, whatever the weather!

Aquastations in Toffee deal

Aquastations have been the proud sponsors of Everton FC in the 2010/11 season with a sign in their Goodison Park ground in Liverpool.